Excepter “The Debussy EP” Out Now On Bandcamp


The Debussy EP

1: Four Winds (4:49)
2: The Hotel (3:33)
3: Lake Effect (21:01)

Recorded Live To Stereo
September 16th, 2018
Ace Hotel Chicago
Courtesy the ACE AIR Program

Edited September 2018
North Beacon Studios Chicago

All music by Excepter
John Fell Ryan: Harmonica, Percussion, Programming, Synths
Lala Harrison Ryan: Flute, Harmonica, Programming, Synths
Produced by Lala & John Fell Ryan



Excepter moved to Chicago September of 2018. Upon our arrival, Matt Mehlan (Skeletons, Shinkoyo) — fellow vet of the Brooklyn 00s scene — invited us to an artist’s residency at The Ace Hotel Chicago. The conditions of the residency were simple: spend a free night in the hotel, make some art, and produce something the hotel’s marketing department could share on social media. A good excuse to get some recording in and maybe catch some “Shining” vibes, so the band accepted.

We checked in to our room and set up our studio on the windowsill, (which overlooked the local Google headquarters across the street.) We jammed on a track, and dubbed out into a drone, blowing harps in the shower. Shot a video. Took a band photo. Had a drink at the bar. Watched a movie. (Ken Russell’s “The Debussy Film” from whence we took the title.) Checked out at 11:00.





Excepter Live Album “STREAM 88” on Bandcamp


Recorded Live To Stereo
On Various Stages
NYC 2016

John Fell Ryan
Jon Nicholson
Lala Harrison Ryan
Erica Kenia
Macrae Semans

March 20 Trans Pecos
April 1 Palisades
April 22 The Bell House
May 13 Ave A
July 8 Trans Pecos

Dedicated to John The Baptist, Skinhead

The first STREAM released in over three years, STREAM 88 is a departure for the Excepter STREAMS series.  Instead of a single track documenting a single show, STREAM 88 is separated into individual, titled tracks and represents an entire year of shows. A final STREAM? Remains to be seen, but consider this a farewell kiss from Excepter to NYC…

Excepter Live/Remix Album “ABRIL’14” on Bandcamp


Recorded live to stereo:
April 08, 2014 at Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland
April 18, 2014 at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden
April 23, 2014 at WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Edited and processed:
April 2018, NYC, Chicago

Excepter Live Album “ABRIL20” on Bandcamp


Recorded live Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014
At Korjaamo, Helsinki, Finland

Excepter STREAMS 2 on Bandcamp

Excepter STREAMS 2 is a four-volume set chronicling the 2007-2009 sextet era of the band.

Excepter “Alternation” 10th Anniversay

jfr-site-alternation-cover copy


Excepter, Zaimph, Silk Purse, Abigail Hobbs On Live Compilation “A DOG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT”

Recorded 15 August, 2015 at Trans-Pecos 9 15 Wyckoff, Queens NY.
Broadcast 5 and 10 October, 2015 on Radio Banda Larga, Italy.
Turin curse reversed at 111th and Amsterdam.
Thanks to Gher.