Excepter Live Album “STREAM 88” on Bandcamp


Recorded Live To Stereo
On Various Stages
NYC 2016

John Fell Ryan
Jon Nicholson
Lala Harrison Ryan
Erica Kenia
Macrae Semans

March 20 Trans Pecos
April 1 Palisades
April 22 The Bell House
May 13 Ave A
July 8 Trans Pecos

Dedicated to John The Baptist, Skinhead

The first STREAM released in over three years, STREAM 88 is a departure for the Excepter STREAMS series. ¬†Instead of a single track documenting a single show, STREAM 88 is separated into individual, titled tracks and represents an entire year of shows. A final STREAM? Remains to be seen, but consider this a¬†farewell kiss from Excepter to NYC…

STREAM 84: Live at DAYLIGHT Festival

STREAM 83: Live At Earwax Records, Free In-Store

STREAM 82: Live at Body Actualized Center, Midsummer’s Eve

STREAM 80: Live at pmk, INNSBRUCK

STREAM 79: Live at Kantine Berghain, BERLIN

STREAM 78: Live at Instants Chavires, PARIS

STREAM 76: Live at St Vitus

STREAM 75: Live at Body Actualized Center

STREAM 74: Live at Bowery Ballroom