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Lala & JFR Guest-DJs on East Village Radio JAN 23, 2014 ARCHIVED



JAN 23 Stream Link Here

Thanks to Yr Friend Matthew and BIM BAM BOOM


Lala & JFR Guest-DJ on East Village Radio, Thursday JAN 23, 2014, 8-10 AM EST


with host yr friend Matthew on Bim Bam Boom

OCT 24 East Village Radio Excepter Special Featuring John Fell Ryan


The Bim Bam Boom show on East Village Radio with DJ Matthew Caron did a two-hour special on Excepter with John Fell Ryan as in-studio guest playing selections from past and upcoming Excepter releases and “related” cuts, including LAL8, X-TG, Standish/Carlyon, and Dennis Wilson’s The Beach Boys.

OCT 24 audio archived here.

OCT 24 playlist here.